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Clutch Controls for 2019 Dodge Challenger


2019 Dodge Challenger

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Part # / Description / Price
Clutch Master Cylinder Assembly
MSRP $153.00

Includes Switch Item #2. Will Include Switch Item # 3.

Master Cylinder Push Rod Pin Clip
MSRP $2.35

Brake Pedal Booster Push rod Pin. Clutch Master Cylinder Push Rod. Booster Push Rod to Pedal Pin. Master Cylinder Push Rod to Brake Pedal Pin. Brake booster to pedal.

Hood Latch Release
MSRP $189.00

Includes Hose From Reservoir To Master Cylinder.

Clutch Hydraulic Tube
MSRP $147.00

From Master Cylinder To Actuator.

Hex Head Bolt And Coned Washer
MSRP $6.50

Intake Manifold Strut Bracket To Cylinder Head. Rear Brake Hose Bracket Mounting-Upto and Including 07-04-00. Intake Manifold Support Bracket To Cylinder Head. [m8x1.25x25.00]. Oil Pump To Cylinder Block. Oil Pump To Engine Block. Oil Pickup Tube To Timing Chain Case. M8x1.25x40.00. [M8x1.25x25.0]. Clutch Slave To Transmission.

Brake Fluid
MSRP $9.35

Standard MS-4574. Global. Dot 3. 18 oz.

Brake Fluid 2
MSRP $9.45

[12 Fluid Ounces] Minimum Ship Quantity Of 24. Standard MS-4574. [12 Fluid Ounces] Minimum Shipment of 24. 12oz Bottle. Standard MS-4574. 12 Fluid Ounces, Minimum Ship Quantity Of 12. Standard MS-4574. 12oz. 12 oz. Standard MS-4574. 12 Ounce Bottle.

2 This part contains hazardous materials. Extra shipping costs apply.