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Pulleys and Related Parts for 2019 Dodge Challenger


2019 Dodge Challenger

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Pulleys and Related Parts for 2019 Dodge Challenger #1
Part # / Description / Price
Supercharger Drive Belt Tensioner
MSRP $307.00

Includes Pulley And Pulley Bolt.

Cap Screw, Carrier Mounting
MSRP $3.75

Cap Screw

M10x1.50x60.00. Diff & Carrier to Subframe FRT. Tensioner To Tensioner Bracket. Differential and Carrier to Subframe Front.

Hex Flange Head Bolt, Mounting
MSRP $16.10

Hex Flange Head Bolt

M10x1.50x55.00. Idler Pulley To Front Timing Cover.

Hex Flange Head Screw, Tensioner To Bracket
MSRP $9.20

Hex Flange Head Bolt

M8x1.25x30.00. Oil Filter Adapter To Cylinder Block. Bracket to Block. Timing Chain Cover To Engine Block. Tensioner to accessory drive bracket. Tensioner attaching. Oil Filter Adapter To Oi Pan. Bracket attaching. [m8x1.25x30.0]. A/c discharge jumper to condenser.

Idler Pulley
MSRP $53.95

Grooved. Hcd].

Dust Shield
MSRP $2.85

Idler Pulley Shield. Idler pulley for eps.

Hex Flange Head Bolt
MSRP $3.35

M8x1.25x34.00. Idler Pulley to Front Cover.

Belt Tensioner
MSRP $141.00

After 10/07/2003. After 12/16/03.

Idler Pulley
MSRP $53.95

Smooth. Backside idler.