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You know FIAT® as a popular Italian automaker. What you may not know, however, is that its name is an acronym, one that, in Italiano, stands for Fabbrica Italiana di Automobili Torino -- meaning, Italian Automobiles Factory, Turin. This suggests its origins, more specifically, its founding in 1899 by Italian businessman Giovanni Agnelli.

The company's first car, FIAT 4 HP, would come out the same year. In 1903, it would produce its first truck as well as the FIAT 16-20 HP. The FIAT 60 HP followed in 1904. In 1908, the first FIAT arrived in the US, and by 1910, FIAT would become the largest car company in Italy. Its first American plant was built in Poughkeepsie, NY, by the newly founded American FIAT Automobile Company, and the name began to get the early auto industry's attention, taking off afterward.

The mid-early 20th century would be a flurry of activity for the marque. During World War I, it would supply Allied Forces with everything from aircraft and engines to trucks and ambulances. In the 1950s, the original FIAT 500 and FIAT 600 Multipla would appear, as would FIAT 1100, FIAT 1200, and FIAT 1300. The 1960s and onward would even see the FIAT 124 Sport Spider and the FIAT X1/9, both sports cars that, after 1983, would run with respective Pininfarina and Bertone badging. Automotive history would even be made as recently as 2009, with the release of the FIAT 500.

Today, FIAT is a part of Stellantis and a brand of one of the US "Big Three." They've long since become a producer of some of the most sought-after cars and SUVs around. Their offerings range from 124 Spider and 124 Spider Abarth convertibles and roadsters to 500X and 500L crossovers. Here at Mopar® Authentic Parts & Accessories, we share that commitment to top quality.

We sell a wide variety of FIAT parts -- everything from engine parts and brake pads to floor mats and bumpers. More importantly, however, we sell only genuine OEM parts, straight from Mopar, designed to be compatible specifically with the FIAT car or SUV you love to drive. You won't get the same fit and finish from the aftermarket.

Better yet, if you're looking to order auto parts online, we've made it easy. We've also kept it affordable. Simply browse our extensive catalog by your FIAT model, its model year, and the kinds of parts you're looking for. Buy now, and we'll ship immediately, so that repair job or upgrade can get done in no time.