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Air Bags for 2019 Dodge Durango


2019 Dodge Durango

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Air  Bags for 2019 Dodge Durango #0 Air  Bags for 2019 Dodge Durango #2
Part # / Description / Price
Occupant Restraint Module Bracket
MSRP $18.40

After 12/02/13. After 12/03/13.

Seat Position Sensor
MSRP $22.50

Driver. Front Passenger. Right or Left.

Acceleration Sensor
MSRP $12.80

Front End. C Pillar. B-Pillar. Side Pillar. First Row. 1st Row. Side Impact Sensor. Front Impact Sensor.

Hex Flange Nut, Mounting
MSRP $3.15

Hex Flange Nut

Channel Lower. M6x1.00. Included in Sliding Door Glass. Lines to Hvac. After 01-09-2002. Glass to Regulator attaching. Glass Assy. to Window Regulator. Glass atttach to regulator.

Part # / Description / Price
MSRP $3.65

Seat Airbag Mounting.

Hex Head Bolt And Washer
MSRP $5.10

Torx T-30. This repair screw is only used in place of production screw 06104368aa if the hole is stripped out.

2 This part contains hazardous materials. Extra shipping costs apply.