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Manifolds and Vacuum Fittings for 2019 Dodge Durango


2019 Dodge Durango

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Hex Flange Head Bolt, Mounting
MSRP $3.65

Hex Flange Head Bolt, Mounting, Upper

Use For 06/04/2018 And After. M8x1.25x48.50. Side. Use Up To 06/04/2018. Middle. This size bolt is only used for applications that use item 3 and 13 Tie Bars.. Right And Left. Exhaust Manifold To Cylibder Head.

Hex Flange Head Bolt
MSRP $3.80

Hex Flange Head Bolt, Mounting

Pump To Case. Front Case To Rear Case. Pump to Bracket. [m8x1.25x35.00]. Lower Exhaust Manifold To Cylinder Head.

U Nut, Mounting
MSRP $10.20

Flange Attachment. Screw to Manifold. [.375-16]. Exhaust Pipe to Converter. Exhaust Manifold. Mega Cab. Converter to Manifold. Y-Pipe to Exhaust. Quad Cab. Regular Cab.

Hex Flange Head Bolt, Mounting
MSRP $18.20

.375-16x2.50. Front Exhaust Pipe To Exhaust Manifold.