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Tire Monitoring System for 2019 Dodge Challenger


2019 Dodge Challenger

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Mounting Hardware Kit
MSRP $41.30

Includes Black Cap, Stem Core and Gray Cap. Contains Valve Stem Cap Black, Valve Stem Cap Grey, Valve Core and I-Sheet. Includes: Valve Core, Black Cap (BUX), Gray Cap Domestic and I-Sheet. Consist of 1- 10524004, cap, valve stem, black, 1- 10524005, cap, ...

Mounting Hardware Kit
MSRP $26.45

This kit consists. 1- 20563010, nut, tpm retaining 1- 10513007, washer, seal support 1- 10524004, cap, valve stem, black 1- 10524005, cap, valve. Contains: 1-20563010,Nut,TPM Retaining, 1-10513007,Washer,Seal Support,1-10514004, Cap,Valve Stem,Black, 1-105 ...

Valve Stem Cap Kit
MSRP $41.45

Contains:10524004 Valve Stem Cap, Black (Qty. 5). Includes: 5 Caps. Domestic. Includes: Valve Stem Cap Grey. Grey. 10524005 Valve Stem Cap, Grey (Qty 5). Qty. of 5.

Tire Pressure Sensor Nut
MSRP $9.15

Used to Mount New Sensor. See Group 008 Electrical. Serviced with Package.

Tire Pressure Sensor
MSRP $88.60

Silver metallic, includes valve stem and cap. See Sensors Group 008.

Mounting Hardware Kit
MSRP $54.30

Contains: 20522037, Valve Stem, 10542008, Seal, TPM to Wheel Rim, 40506002,Valve Core, TPM,& Insturction Sheet. Includes: Valve Stem And Mounting Screw. Contains Valve Stem, TPM to Wheel Rim Seal, Valve Core and I-Sheet. Consist of 1- 20522037, valve stem, ...