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Pulleys and Related Parts for 2019 Dodge Challenger


2019 Dodge Challenger

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Pulleys and Related Parts for 2019 Dodge Challenger #1
Part # / Description / Price
Supercharger Drive Belt Tensioner
MSRP $349.00

Includes Pulley And Pulley Bolt.

Cap Screw, Carrier Mounting
MSRP $5.05

Cap Screw

Tensioner To Tensioner Bracket. M10x1.50x60.00. Diff & Carrier to Subframe FRT. Differential and Carrier to Subframe Front.

Hex Flange Head Bolt
MSRP $18.35

M10x1.50x55.00. Idler Pulley To Front Timing Cover.

Hex Flange Head Bolt
MSRP $10.15

M8x1.25x30.00. Oil Filter Adapter To Cylinder Block. Bracket to Block. Tensioner to Accessory Drive Bracket. Timing Chain Cover To Engine Block. Tensioner attaching. Oil Filter Adapter To Oi Pan. Bracket attaching. A/c discharge jumper to condenser. [m8x1.25x30.0].

Idler Pulley
MSRP $61.35

Grooved. Hcd].

Dust Shield
MSRP $3.55

Idler Pulley Shield. Idler pulley for eps.

Hex Flange Head Bolt
MSRP $4.05

M8x1.25x34.00. Idler Pulley to Front Cover.

Idler Pulley
MSRP $58.55

Slack Side Lower. Slack Side Includes Mounting Bolt.

Idler Pulley
MSRP $107.00

Tight Side Upper. Tite Side Includes Mounting Bolt.

Belt Tensioner
MSRP $160.00

After 10/07/2003. After 12/16/03.

Idler Pulley
MSRP $61.35

Smooth. Backside idler.