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Gaskets & Hardware for 2019 Dodge Challenger


2019 Dodge Challenger

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Part # / Description / Price
Valve Cover Bolts
MSRP $43.60

Fit 5.2L/5.9L Magnum valve cover packages P5007617 and P5007618.Designed for cast aluminum valve covers only. Set includes 20 bolts (ten per cover).

Water Pump Installation Kit
MSRP $43.60

Includes water pump gasket, pump housing gasket, plugs, water pump screws, plus long and short housing screws.

Valve Cover Breather Baffle
MSRP $9.75

Baffle and Screw Package, Big Block, Small Block, Magnum V8 Engines.

Flex Plate Screw Package
MSRP $35.60

Includes six crank screws and four converter screws.

Hardware Package, Camshaft Sprocket
MSRP $17.90

Required when a fuel pump eccentric is used.

Damper Degree Timing Tape
MSRP $9.75

Improve timing accuracy with this Damper Degree Timing Tape. Marked in 90increments. Self-adhesive strip adheres to the Crank Vibration Damper for clear identification of marks. Permits initial total spark advance up to 60 instead of only 1015 as on chain case timing tab.

Valve Lash Chart
MSRP $4.55

Valve lash adjustment decal for HEMI, big blocks, small blocks, 5.2L/5.9L Magnum V8 engines.

Oil Pan Set
MSRP $14.60

Bolt Set, Oil Pan, 426 HEMI, Big Block/ Small Block, Set of 20 Bolts.

Transmission Gasket
MSRP $9.75

All the parts you need for changing the fluid in your automatic transmission.

Oil Pan Gasket
MSRP $14.60

For Big Block and HEMI applications. Note that two are required for Windage Tray applications.

Torsion Bar Lock And Seal
MSRP $2.15

Lock clips and seals for Mopar torsion bars for A-Body, B-body(1962-1972) and E Body vehicles.