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Tire Monitoring System for 2018 Chrysler 300


2018 Chrysler 300 Change Vehicle


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Valve Stem Cap Kit

Grey. Kit Includes 5 Caps. Used With Screw In Sensor. Includes 5 Valve Caps Black. Use With Snap-In Sensor. Includes: 5 Valve Caps. Use With Sanp-In Sensor. Includes: 5 Black Caps.

Valve Stem Valve Core Kit

Includes: 5 Black Cores. Includes: 5 Vavle Cores. Used With Snap In Sensor. Kit Includes 5 Stem Cores. Includes valve cores supplier pt# 40506004. Use With Snap-In Sensor, Includes: 5 Valve Cores. Use With Sanp-In Sensor. Includes: 5 Valve Cores.

Mounting Hardware Kit

Includes: Vavle Stem and Mounting Screw. Includes: Valve Stem and Mounting Screws. Includes Mount Rubber Valve Stem with Cap. Includes valve stem assy and mounting screw. Contains Valve Stem Assy and Mounting Screw. Kit Contains Valve Stem Assembly and Mou ...

Tire Pressure Sensor

Snap-In sensor, black stem. Black rubber, includes valve stem and cap.

Tire Pressure Sensor Kit

Repair Kit. Sensors Serviced Seperate. Mounting Hardware Kit, Includes I-Sheet.