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Cylinder Block for 2016 Ram 2500


2016 Ram 2500

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Cylinder Block for 2016 Ram 2500 #0 Cylinder Block for 2016 Ram 2500 #1
Cylinder Block for 2016 Ram 2500 #1
Part # / Description / Price
Cylinder Block Plug
MSRP $8.20

Oil Galley Block Off. Mega Cab. [.375x18x1.343]. Oil Gallery Block Off. [.375-18x1.343]. [.375x18x 1.343]. Lifter Gallery. [.375x18x1.34].

Dowel Pin, Mounting
MSRP $7.70

All Plugs And Dowel Pins Must Be Installed On Cylinder Block Before Installing Engine. Item 13 Also Contained in Short Block Engine Kit. Mega Cab. Cylinder Block To Transaxle. Block To Transmission. Cylinder Block To Head. Engine Block To Clutch Housing.

Camshaft Plug, Rear
MSRP $6.10

[m47.93 od 6.4 thk 51.5 flg od]. Lifter Yoke To Cylinder Block. Mega Cab. Camshaft. [.415x.28].

Block To Clutch Housing Dowel
MSRP $10.20

Cylinder Block to Clutch Housing. Block To Head. [.25x.75]. Or Transmission Housing. Cylinder Block to Transmission. 1/2 x 3/4.

Dowel Pin
MSRP $10.15

Dowel Pin, Mounting

Block to Crankshaft Seal. Rear Crankshaft Seal Retainer. Rear Oil Sear Retainer. Rear Oil Seal Retainer. Front Cover To Cylinder Block. Carrier balance shaft. Also Serviced In Item 4 Retainer Package. Rear Retainer To Engine Block. [m8x10.0].

Hex Flange Head Bolt, Mounting
MSRP $2.55

M6x1.00x28.00. M6x1.00x24.00. M6x1.0x24.0. Rear Mail Oil Seal Retainer To Crankshaft. Rear Cranshaft Oil Seal Retainer To Cylinder Block.

Plug, Side
MSRP $11.85

Plug, Right And Left

After 6/14/04. After 4/26/04. Mega Cab. Coolant Drain [.25x18x.69]. 0.250-18x.690. Cylinder Block Water Jacket Drain. Oil Gallery, Front. Right And Left Cylinder Block Coolant Drain.

Hex Flange Head Bolt, Mounting
MSRP $4.70

Main Bearing Cross. Bearing Cap To Engine Block. Main Bearing Cap Side Bolt. [M8x1.25x45.00].

Dowel Pin, Mounting
MSRP $7.70

Mega Cab. M8x10.00. M8x10.0. Front Timing Cover.

Woodruff Key
MSRP $7.10

Crankshaft Sprocket. Mega Cab. Crankshsft Sprocket. M4.788x27.5.

MSRP $1,025.00

New Part Number For 2013. Not Interchageable With 2012 And Below Crankshaft. Not Interchangable With 2012 And Below Crankshaft.

Hex Flange Head Bolt, Mounting
MSRP $2.75

M12x1.75x91.50. M12x1.75x89.10. M12x1.75x91.2. Bearing Cap To Engine Block. For Main Bearing Cap. [M12x1.75x91.5]. Main Bearing Cap To Engine.

Double Ended Stud, Mounting
MSRP $9.55

M12x1.75x1.25x152.10. M6x1.00x18.00. M12xm8. M12&M8; Oil Pickup Tube To Main Bearing Cap.

Cylinder Block Plug
MSRP $22.00

For Vechiles Without The MDS System. Mds Solenoid. Multiple Displacment Soleniod. For Engines Without MDS Only. Mds plug. Multiple Displacment Solenoid. For Engines Without Multi Displacement System. For Vehicles Without the MDS System. Used On Engine Without MDS Only. Multiple Soleniod Displacement.