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Tailgates & Liftgates for 2016 Ram 2500

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2016 Ram 2500

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Tailgate Handle
MSRP $199.00
Other Names: Handle
Description: +ra2%ra3%ra4-ra1.
MSRP $800.00
Replaces: 68245874AA, 68245874AB, 68245874AC, 68245874AD, 68245874AE, 68245874AF, 68245874AG, 68245874AH, 68245874AI, 68245874AJ, 68245874AK, 68245874AL, 68245876AB, 68245876AC, 68245876AD, 68245876AE, 68245876AF, 68245876AG
Description: NONE
Hex Head Bolt And Washer
MSRP $10.45
Options: Inner, Left, Right
Other Names: Screw, Hex Head Bolt And Washer, Mounting, Hex Head Screw And Washer, Hex Head Screw And Washer, Mounting, Hex Head Bolt And Washer,...
Replaces: 6505940AA
Description: M8x1.25x25.00. Bin Cover to Floor. M8-1.25.
Notes: Engines: 2.2L I4 Single TD OM651 Engine. 3.7L Power Tech V6 Engine. 6.1L SRT HEMI V8 Engine. 2.8L 4 Cyl Turbo Diesel Engine. 4.0L...
Hex Head Screw And Washer, Mounting
MSRP $9.50
Other Names: Hex Head Screw And Washer, Anti-Lock Brake Control Unit, 06506710aa, Screw
Description: M8-1.25x22.00. ABS Unit to Battery Tray. Starter Shield. ABS Control Unit. Anti-Lock Brake Control Unit. Hcu. ABS Load Sensing. Includes...
Notes: Engines: 3.6L Mid V6 Engine. 5.7l v8 hemi hev engine. 6.7L I6 Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine. 3.0l v6 24v vvt engine. 3.6l v6 24v vvt...
Fuel Control Actuator
MSRP $634.00
Other Names: Actuator
Description: Injection Pump.
Notes: Engines: 6.7l i6 cummins ho turbo diesel eng. 6.7l i6 cummins turbo diesel engine.
Transmissions: 6-spd auto aisin...
Glass Bumper, Right
MSRP $11.20
Options: Left, Right
Other Names: Glass Bumper, Rubber Bumper, Glass Bumper, Left, Glass Bumper, Right Or Left, Rubber Bumper, Left, Rubber Bumper, Right, Bumper
Replaces: 68055054AA
Tailgate Latch
MSRP $185.00
Other Names: Latch
Replaces: 55275952AB, 55275952AC
Ball Stud
MSRP $6.85
Replaces: 55276453AA
Description: Hood Props. Hood Gas Prop to Body.
Tailgate Bumper
MSRP $11.95
Other Names: Stop/Bmpr
Replaces: 55372833AB, 68332779AA, 68332779AB
Description: Alignment.
Door Bumper
MSRP $3.10
Options: Left, Right
Other Names: Door Bumper, Left, Door Bumper, Right, Door Bumper, Right Or Left, Bumper
Replaces: 55397605AA
Door Control Unit
MSRP $125.00
Other Names: Control
Replaces: 68093354AA, 68093354AB, 68093354AC
Tailgate Molding
MSRP $262.00
Options: Left
Other Names: Tailgate Molding, Left, Molding
Replaces: 68247522AA, 68260471AA, 68260471AB, 68260471AC
Description: TAILGATE
Door Inside Handle Bumper
MSRP $3.85
Options: Left, Right
Other Names: Door Inside Handle Bumper, Left, Door Inside Handle Bumper, Right, Door Inside Handle Bumper, Right Or Left, Bumper
Overslam Bumper
MSRP $3.35
Other Names: Bumper
Description: Black.
Tailgate Pivot Bushing
MSRP $23.50
Options: Right, Left
Other Names: Bushing
Replaces: 55372948AA
Description: Right Side Only, Left Serviced With Tailgate.
Tailgate Cable
MSRP $67.20
Other Names: Cable
Replaces: 55276074AC, 55276074AE, 55276074AF, 55276074AG, 68054864AA, 68054864AB, 68054864AC
Description: TAILGATE
Hex Head Screw And Washer
MSRP $6.95
Options: Left, Right
Other Names: Hex Head Screw And Washer, Left, Hex Head Screw And Washer, Right, 06503661, Screw
Description: M8x1.25x25. Deck Lid Hinge To Body. Mounts Front of Assembly To Floor. Hood Hinge to Cowl End Attach. Attaches Seat To Floor Pan. Hinge...

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