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Tire Monitoring System for 2014 Dodge Charger


2014 Dodge Charger

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Tire Monitoring System for 2014 Dodge Charger #0
Part # / Description / Price
Valve Stem Cap Kit
MSRP $40.55

Grey. Used With Screw In Sensor. Use with Snap-In Sensor. Includes: 5 Valve Caps.

Mounting Hardware Kit
MSRP $73.55

Includes: Vavle Stem and Mounting Screw. Includes: Nut ,Cap (Black), Cap (Grey), Seal, Valve Core and I-Sheet. Kit Contains Valve Stem Assembly and Mounting Screw. Includes Mount Rubber Valve Stem with Cap. Contains Valve Stem Assy and Mounting Screw. Includes: Valve Stem, And Mounting Screw.

Mounting Hardware Kit
MSRP $27.30

This kit consists. 1- 20563010, nut, tpm retaining 1- 10513007, washer, seal support 1- 10524004, cap, valve stem, black 1- 10524005, cap, valve. Contains: 1-20563010,Nut,TPM Retaining, 1-10513007,Washer,Seal Support,1-10514004, Cap,Valve Stem,Black, 1-105 ...

Valve Stem Cap Kit
MSRP $42.75

Contains:10524004 Valve Stem Cap, Black (Qty. 5). Includes: 5 Caps. Domestic. Includes: Valve Stem Cap Grey. Grey. 10524005 Valve Stem Cap, Grey (Qty 5). Qty. of 5.

Valve Stem Valve Core Kit
MSRP $33.95

Includes valve cores supplier pt# 40506004. Includes: 5 Cores. Use with Snap-In Sensor.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Module
MSRP $168.00

Module & Mounting Bracket. Module With Bracket After 04/10/2014. Module And Bracket.

Hex Flange Lock Nut, Mounting
MSRP $9.50

Hex Nut

M6x1.00. Throttle Body Shield to Intake Manifold. Heater return tube to engine. Rod to Lever Assembly. Engine Oil Level Indicator Tube. Accelerator Pedal Assembly to Dash Panel. M6. Quantity Of 4 Is Needed. Parking Brake Cable Guide to Floor Pan.

Mounting Hardware Kit
MSRP $56.00

Contains: 20522037, Valve Stem, 10542008, Seal, TPM to Wheel Rim, 40506002,Valve Core, TPM,& Insturction Sheet. Includes: Valve Stem And Mounting Screw. Contains Valve Stem, TPM to Wheel Rim Seal, Valve Core and I-Sheet. Consist of 1- 20522037, valve stem, ...

Mounting Hardware Kit
MSRP $42.60

Includes Black Cap, Stem Core and Gray Cap. Contains Valve Stem Cap Black, Valve Stem Cap Grey, Valve Core and I-Sheet. Includes: Valve Core, Black Cap (BUX), Gray Cap Domestic and I-Sheet. Consist of 1- 10524004, cap, valve stem, black, 1- 10524005, cap, ...

Tire Pressure Sensor
MSRP $139.00

Black rubber, includes valve stem and cap. Snap-In sensor, black stem.

Tire Pressure Sensor
MSRP $91.15

Silver metallic, includes valve stem and cap. See Sensors Group 008.

Tire Pressure Sensor Nut
MSRP $9.50

Used to Mount New Sensor. See Group 008 Electrical. Serviced with Package.