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Oil Pump for 2014 Dodge Charger


2014 Dodge Charger

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Part # / Description / Price
Torx Head Bolt
MSRP $3.65

M6x32. Support To Converter Housing. Oil Pump To Torque Converter Housing. Transmission To Engine Block. Bell Housing To Disc Support.

Transmission Oil Pump, Remanufactured 1
MSRP $499.00

Includes Bolts Item # 8. Outer Oil Pump Housing Only / Gears, Seal, O Ring Not Included.

Transmission Oil Pump Housing 1
MSRP $599.00

Transmission Oil Pump

Includes Bolts Item # 8. Outer Oil Pump Housing Only / Gears, Seal & O Ring Not Included. Complete Pump / Includes: Seals, Rotors & Housing. Complete Oil Pump. Includes: Oil Pump Rotors, Oil Pump O-Ring, Housing, Tie Strap.

O Ring
MSRP $63.75


Optional With [52107896AA, 52107897AA, 52107898AA]. Interchangeable With [52107896AA & 52107897AA]. Interchangeablw With [52107896AA & 52107896AA]. Interchangeable With [52107900AA].

O Ring
MSRP $29.20

Transmission Oil Pump O Ring

Interchangeable With [52108424AA].

Outer Carrier Holding Clutch
MSRP $986.00

B1 Clutch Retainer Assembly

B1. Upto Transmission Number [3947440].

Torx Head Bolt
MSRP $4.75

Included In The Pump. Oil Pump To Torque Converter Housing. M8x32. M8x35. Intermediate Plate & Disc Support To Bell Housing. Oil Pump To Bell Housing - From Inside Transmission Case 2,3,6,7, C,U L EX8 DGJ AA.

1 This price excludes a refundable manufacturer's core charge. Add the part to your cart to see the core charge.