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Under Body Protection for 2013 Jeep Patriot


2013 Jeep Patriot

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Under Body Protection for 2013 Jeep Patriot #0
Part # / Description / Price
U Multi Thread Nut
MSRP $1.95

Belly Pan to Suspension Support. M6 x 1.00. Belly Pan to Front Suspension.

Front Belly Pan
MSRP $190.00

Patriot only , Compass see Accesory Shield. Patriot Only, Compass, see Accessory Shield.

Rivet Nut Rivet Nut
MSRP $13.60


Rail to Box. Grill to Fender. Fender to BSA. Fender to Body. Repair. M6x1.0x17. Skid Plate To Cradle. Fascia To Fender.

Push Pin
MSRP $6.00

M8x10.3. Top Of Fascia to Support. Upper Close Out Attaching. Fascia to Headlamp Carrier Crossmember. Headlamp to Fender Top. Fascia To H/L Mounting. Fascia To Headlamp Mounting C/Member. Front Fascia to Headlamp Mounting Crossmember. Under Hood Panel Attaching.

Hex Head Bolt And Coned Washer
MSRP $4.20

Bumper To Crossmember. Used Up To 08/20/2015. Used Up To 08/20/15. Fuel Tank Skid Plate to Crossmember. Brush Guard To Compatibility Bracket. Tow Hook To Frame. M10x1.5x30. for installation rivet use 06104885AA. Bracket to Crossmember.

Hex Head Bolt And Coned Washer, Mounting
MSRP $5.35

Hex Head Bolt And Coned Washer

M10x1.5x65.00. Bracket To Engine/Transmission. Front Engine Support To Cradle Middle Location [M10x1.5x65.0]. Middle Support To Crossmember. Engine Mount To Timing Cover. Engine Mount Support Bracket To Cylinder Block. Tensioner to front cover.