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Sensors for 2005 Jeep Liberty


2005 Jeep Liberty

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Part # / Description / Price
Ambient Temperature Sensor
MSRP $31.25

Bracket Included. Overhead Console. Battery temp.

Anti-Lock Brakes Sensor, Right
MSRP $5.20

Anti-lock Brakes Sensor, Left

USA / Canada / Mexico. 7/06/01 & After. Up to 7/06/01. Sensor to Knuckle.

Anti-Lock Brakes Sensor, Left
MSRP $67.75

USA / Canada / Mexico. 7/06/01 & After.

Tire Pressure Sensor, Spare Tire
MSRP $142.00

Tire Pressure Sensor

Cmu. Includes: Sesnor, Nut And I-Sheet. Includes: Sensor, Nut and I-Sheet. See Electrical Group 008. Contains: 1-Gray Cap, 1- Black Cap, 1- Valve Stem,Sensor & Nut. See Sensor Group 008. With Nut. Includes Attachment Nut. This package contains: 56053030ac sensor - tire pressure 56053033aa nut - tire pressure k6855511 instruction sheet -. [xgm=lab].

Mounting Hardware Kit
MSRP $26.35

Contains: 1-S120120001 TPM Retaining Nut, 1-S122990001 Seal Support Washer, 1-S122140001 Valve Stem Cap, Black,Euro, 1-S1201210001 Valve Stem Cap, Grey,Domestic,1-S122988001 TPM To Wheel Rim Seal, 1-S122914001 TPM Valve Core & TPM Mounting Instruction She. ...

Valve Stem Valve Core Kit
MSRP $39.90

Mounting Hardware Kit

Includes: Valve Core, Black Cap (BUX), Gray Cap(Domestic). See Sensors Group 008. Use with 68078768aa and 68078861aa. Contains: TPM Valve Core, Valve Stem Cap, Grey, Domestic, Valve Stem Cap, Black, Euro. Containes: Valve Core, Cap Euro Black and Cap Domes ...