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Wheel and Tire Assembly
Part Number: 68440151AA
Other Names: Tire Assembly-Compact Spare More Names
Replaces: 68263082AA, 68269762AA, 68285145AA, 68429601AA, 68429602AA, 68429658AA
Description: Temporary Use. More Info
Notes: 12. More Notes
  • Fiat:
    • 500X
  • Jeep:
    • Renegade
Wheel and Tire Assembly
Part Number: 68458488AA
Other Names: Spare Tir-Compact Spare More Names
Replaces: 68210489AA
Description: Wheel Only, For Replacement Tire Contact Dealer or Local Tire Distributor. More Info
Notes: 10. More Notes
  • Fiat:
    • 500L